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History is told by the victors. Always. Get it? Let that sink in for a moment. Did you? Ok, now here’s what happened. So, as per the usual, my cousin and I were having our evening coffee and discussing what qualifies a genocide, but we’ll circle back to that another day. What we ended up […]

So on my way back from church, where I volunteer to teach English, I had to stop by a café and write about how I don’t believe in the need for religion. Typical. Naturally, I had to vigilantly pertain to the habit of arriving fifteen minutes late to said lessons, and of course I had […]

Oh, my dear reader, I want you to believe me: whatever I write is always a lie. Providing information is not an easy thing to do. Whether written or spoken, there can be no accuracy in what is being articulated. And this is because words and reality have nothing in common. They are parallel existences […]

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