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on 07/01/2020

Oh, my dear reader, I want you to believe me: whatever I write is always a lie. Providing information is not an easy thing to do. Whether written or spoken, there can be no accuracy in what is being articulated. And this is because words and reality have nothing in common. They are parallel existences that only deceive us into thinking they exist in connection. But don’t be deceived. From the moment you acquire a piece of information, you are the only one who decides how it corresponds to your reality. What the source meant does not matter, neither for you nor for anything else in this damn world.

Nevertheless, read, listen, watch. Dealing with lies is a noble thing to do. Even believing in them is sometimes the best chance you get at arriving at a truth. Oh, of course, needless to say, there is no truth. At least not in my lies. Or maybe there is no truth that I can communicate to you, but there is a truth you know. Could you articulate it in a useful and responsible manner? I declare myself incompetent to fulfill such a task. But all of us keep trying every day, every hour, every minute to reach this goal.

No, wait, forget it! Of course, there is a truth. Someone once said, there is a truth in our existence. Cogito ergo sum, was, I think, in Latin. We know that we exist. We know that when we eat, we are no longer hungry. When it rains, we get wet. When there is war, people die. And when we fuck, the population increases. The problem is, we are not satisfied with such truths. We want to believe in facts, but there is something in our minds always nagging us to relativize. What is the reason for our existence? How many calories should we eat? When is it going to rain? How many people should be killed in order to call it a “war”? Oh, man… should I wear a condom now, seriously?!

Believe in the truth and act as if there is none. Or don’t, why would it even matter? Get to know more people, go out and fight for what you think is right, take more care of the environment than of the money in your pockets; and even then, you will find yourself in the same cell where you were before. But, somehow, you will feel better. Not because that was the best you could have done, but because that was what you actually managed to do. Objectivity, reality, morality, truth, what do they even mean? Just constructions to persuade us that what we have is the best there is. If anything is, it is not the best or the worst. Shatter objectivity, forger reality, renew morality, don’t speak the truth, for these are just a couple more ways to deny what this capitalist system is feeding you. Don’t listen to them, listen to yourself, listen to us. We, of course, are lying. But, at least, this is the truth.

Join and have fun!

By Theo

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